Sunday, November 29, 2009

No Luck!

I went this morning and evening with no luck. I woke up about five O'clock and got around and headed into my sisters boyfriends place. We got stationed in a fence row with two feild on each side of us. However we didn't see or hear anything. I went to help my sister at the horse farm she works at then got home about eleven. I ate two bowls of cereal and some roman noodls and took a nap. I woke up about four and rushed around to get ready for hunting I went out and aout twenty minutes later it started to rain. It wasn't to bad until it got really dark when a clowd engulfed the sunlight. I stuck around for a little bit and saw nothing about twenty minutes later I took off with no luck. I got home and ate leftovers from my thanksgivving dinner and posted on my blog.


Anonymous said...

trent i finally watched sexy pilgrim pretty funny:)


Kirst said...

Wanna hear something weird. That pic of Gandhi with his quote, I just a paper with that exact quote and a similar pic to put on my wall. Just thought it was funny.