Sunday, January 17, 2010

WOW WOW Wow!!! Watch My Skin

So Friday I finally took my cast off, with a saw zaw. I kept asking my dad if we could tear my cast off I probably heard "No" eighty times. Like that was going to stop me. I got home from school Friday and told my dad I didn't want it on for the meet. Mad at me he marched out to the garage and got the saw zaw. For those of you who don't now my dad real well it's a little eery having him cut a cast of with an electric saw while he was mad. So reluctantly i walked over and rested my arm on the counter. It wasn't to bad he touched my skin a couple times. When I brought it to his attention his words were " I'm raising the blade". When he got to the thick part my arm started shake vigorously and he was getting to my wrist were the bone stuck up a little. So he put on a metal blade so it wouldn't shake so bad. We got the cast off and my wrist was more sore than anything it felt like I jammed it really bad. My thumb bone was warped a little bit but it wasn't to bad. I still had a functioning thumb that was all I cared about. I'll post pictures soon.