Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Mower In The Making

Since I have trouble finding stuff to do sometimes I have to make stuff to do. Which usually ends up to be some wacky invention, like a threewheel scooter, a scooter with a motor, a no longer working bike. All kinds of weird things, I will come up with them. So I got bored and decided I wanted a go-cart or something along those lines. So I went down to my neighbors who has all kinds of junk, it was absolute heaven. I found a 60's Ford mower this was it, I could see it in the making. So I talked to my neighbor and he said I could have for nothing in return, I was pumped. So I brought it home (which wasn't easy), and started to disassemble it and grind off all the rust with a wire brush on my grinder. The next day I got up about 7:30 and finished the job. Then went to Dollar General and got some black and green spray paint (with my money). So I came home and primed and painted peice by peice coating everything twice. I then put it back together and it was ready to mount an engine onto. However I didn't excactly have one handy, or any money to get one. So I went down to my neighbors and found an old 8 horse egnine. It looked pretty pathetic though I had no high hopes. I spent hours working on it trying to get it to run, yet it seized to even fire. So know I have an old mower frame with a crappy engine and nothing else. However I plan to get it running before winter so I can plow driveways for some extra cash.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

So Far Not So Good

My first honors (biology) class ever and I manage to mess it up. I'm sitting in class stuned by my horrible test grade wondering why. I'm usually good at my science stuff especialy cells and what not. I figure oh I can recoil from this it's only one bad grade, and decide to avoid telling my parents about this one and lie just a little. Even though I know I'm gonna need to step it up im to proud to admit it. So mid-terms come in the mail, Oh boy my Parents had a cow about it. A D+ in a biology honors class didn't fly with my parents. So explained the situation, but that didn't quite do it, they wanted to know I would get a B or above. So I assured them that I would fix it and make it all better. So my next test comes and I was so confident I would do great. I took the test, flew threw it with great confidence, and turned it in with a smile on my face. Then about 3 three days later we were getting our test back. I'm so excited this is gonna fix it I'm telling myself It's gonna shoot that D right up to a C or B. Then the paper land on my desk, I turn it over so excited. I see the papaer and all my excitment relinquishes I'm greeted with a 52 %, she nailed me with incomplete sentences. I wanna hurl, #1) I'm highly disapointed in myself, #2) My parents are gonna kill me, #3) I'm probably failing the class. On the bus ride home I wanna just fall asleep and hope my bus driver forgets me (witch in the end does happen). So I get off the bus and my dad asks how I did, " Umm I got a B-". Turns out she called him and told him what I got. I get the lecture and what not, and once again I assure him I'll fix it. Two or Three weeks pass and we have lot's of homework and stuff so I bring it up to a 74%, I'm pretty proud of myself. We've got another test coming and all no worries, right I'm doing great. I take the test and I knew it all I thinking B at least. So I get my results today, I was PISSED! A 61%, she docked me 10 points outta 56 for supposedly incomplete sentences. So I bring it home and check it out, I find that my my sentences are complete. They are slightly gramaticly incorrect but complete. So tomorrow I plan to put her on the spot and ask her why their incomplete. If she has a reason I want an up front answer if she doesn't give me one im gonna see that it's corrected. If she refuses I'll have my parents make a call or two. However I plan to see that this is taken care of.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hunting ?!?!

Very recently I have aquired a strong will to hunt. I have always talked about hunting a little bit but never become so close to doing it. I have never hunted before and hardly shot a gun. I am hoping that my persistance will wear on my dad, and my begging will fall through, Allowing me to go squirrel hunting (The Current Season). However the main concern is hunting coyote . They aren't currently in season though so i will have to hold off a few more months. I can only hope that my wishes will come through though and i get to hunt some squirel this weekend.

Wrestling Season Begins

Today I had my first wrestling conditioning practice. I was debating about weather or not to do the sport due to another distraction, Hunting. However wth some persuasion from my mom and a new pair of wrestling shoes (to ensure that I do the sport) I was talked into it. Lucky for me practice was a good time. It was a small crowd of seven or eight due other sports practices going on. We only have conditioning so the people who arent doing sports currently can get in shape, the true practices don't start for another 2-3 weeks.