Sunday, November 29, 2009

No Luck!

I went this morning and evening with no luck. I woke up about five O'clock and got around and headed into my sisters boyfriends place. We got stationed in a fence row with two feild on each side of us. However we didn't see or hear anything. I went to help my sister at the horse farm she works at then got home about eleven. I ate two bowls of cereal and some roman noodls and took a nap. I woke up about four and rushed around to get ready for hunting I went out and aout twenty minutes later it started to rain. It wasn't to bad until it got really dark when a clowd engulfed the sunlight. I stuck around for a little bit and saw nothing about twenty minutes later I took off with no luck. I got home and ate leftovers from my thanksgivving dinner and posted on my blog.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hunting Update

I didn't the days I said however I did get to hunt Friday and I plan to hunt Sunday early morning . We didn't see anything when we went but their out there it's just a matter of getting them sunday is the last day of the season so plan to go hard or go home. I have no high expectations but i do hope to see something atleast. I aim to get up about 5:30 ish, nake a glass of coffee, get ready then head out at about 6:15, go to the edge of the woods wait a couple minutes, then proceed. I hope that around sevendeer may start to stir and maybe one will be unfortunate enough to cross my path. I plan to be prepared with a 20 guage shotgun, Binoculers, about four sweatshirts, heat warmers, gloves, stool, and I will have doe pee for cover up scent.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

When Worlds Collide (I hope I spelled collide right)

I will admit I have neglected my blog for quit some time and I apologize to my readers. I'll understand if you dont want to read about me wining about the amazing week I'll have. For the next week I plan for these few but time consuming things. I have a clash of school ,wrestling practice, family ,thanksgiving, hunting (finally) and a meet. All brought together on one week how I plan to fit it all I in I will soon find out . However all I know is my main concern is hunting and family. I plan to go sight my gun in toda, I then aim to hunt randomly throughout the week. But first I have two days of school and lots of wrestling. Finally wednseday I willl get my break from school but wrestling continues. I have wrestling about for about two hours twice that day for a total of four hours wednseday. Then me and my brother-in-law hope to hunt wednseday night to thursday morning. Then thanksgiving I have very little going on. Only to get hit hard friday when my sister and brother both with their familys celebrate thanksgiving with us. However I have practice a good four hours that day . Saturday I plan to get up at about six and head into school. From here I will board a bus and have about a hour and half drive to my meet. I assume I will wrestle a couple matches only to leave early with parents to go to my great uncle in laws 90th birthday party. We plan to stay till five that night then I will come home and hang out with my family then fall asleep at about eight. During this whole week I will have the pleasure of being worn out and greatly distracted by my sisters family of five.