Friday, February 26, 2010

Just Another English Report

As I tore down the black-top road I had many random thoughts going through my mind the smell of the moped exhaust, my neighbors recently cultivated field, and the smell of fresh cut grass. Then the thought of keeping up with my sister on the moped began to tip-toe its way into my thoughts. My selfish mind could not pass up bragging rights for the week, ZING! As the moped neared me. I felt was as fast as a the cars speeding up and down my road.

Right as I began to nearer to my driveway I discovered something was going wrong. Then the thin tire of my red and black speckled huffy bike began to quiver. Only as I looked down did I realize what was happening. My tire was slowly devoured by the growing grass on the road side. The pebbled black top slowly grew closer then it struck my chin, CLING! As my bike smacked the road. As I began to lift myself up it felt like I was lifting the world in one struggle for help.

When my sister parked the moped at the end of the driveway and hurried toward me. Only then did I began to realize this was worse than I thought. “Is it bleeding,” I asked with tears in my eyes.

“No” lied my sister.

I slowly began to look down at my shirt when it seemed a cascade of blood had poured from my chin. The trail of blood was 5-6 inches thick and trailed from the top of my shirt to the bottom. As soon as I entered the house my mom told me to take off my shirt and go to the sink. When they rinsed my chin with water a was overcome with pain It seemed as if a million little fire ants were stinging the tip of my chin. As my dad studied my chin he decided it would need steri-strips. He began to douse my chin with a dark liquid to make the strips adhere. As he did so I felt like someone held a lighter to my flesh.

As I look back on this I realize how foolish it was to try and beat my sister for the simple fact of bragging rights. However I understand at eight years not much more matters. If asked whether or not I would do it again my answer would be “yes“. I learned to be more cautious, and I as a young boy that’s just what it took to make me understand the matter.