Monday, February 22, 2010

Got Chickens ?

For quite some time now I've been wanting some chickens you know 6-7 just for the heck of it maybe some 4-h. Well my parents watched an oprah episode on chicken farmers and they wanted in so 6-7 turned into 20-25. It really is sad the fact that they're so interested in money the chickens are just their product. The chickens are usually only 7-8 weeks when slaughtered. They pump them up on so much steroids and protein it's horrible. If a chicken were to fall over they wouldn't be able to get up do to their muscles and tendons being so tight.So last week when I had a school delay me and my dad went to Rural King to get some chicks and we walked out with twenty-five. I cam home positioned the near the heat got them some food and water and left to school. My dad made a small holding unit for their first 4-5 weeks. I had a drumset that Iwas no longer interested in and I sold the money will go towards a new coup. It will be 8'x12' very big made of two seperate rooms one for the chickens and the other for their food and products. Of the twenty five chickens we have five Aracaunas, four Rhode Island Reds, nine Barred Rocks, and a random assortment of other chickens.

The black chicks with the white chest are the Barred Rocks and will gorw to be speckled black and white. The lighter ones with two reddish stripes are the Rhode Island Reds and they will grow to be (you guessed it) red. The ones with the blonde fuzz and black tint are the Aracaunas.