Saturday, December 19, 2009

" I think it's broke"

Today I had a wrestling match at carroll. Their were five schools their not including mine. I had the first JV match and pinned the guy in the first period. Then everyone else on my team wrestled and everything. My next match was coming and the coach told I was wrestling l 10 pounds up. Okay, I thought I can do this then I got out their with butter flies in my stomach >I wrestled as hard as I could. We went back and fourth for the first period. Then I started to get mad I did anything I could to tick him off I shuved his head as heard as could. Finally got him out of bounds. We both stood on the line I was as mad as ever the official blew the whistle, and almost without hesiation I shot. I jammed my right thumb really hard and I almost thought it was broke. However I got as far as I was and I had no plans of stopping. Doing my best to get him down with my left hand I pinned him. I got off the match and it was getting unbearable . I said " Coach I think it's broken". He told me to go see the trainer, he said that it looked broke and that I should proly get X-rays. My dad was pretty reluctant but after a couple hours we got permission to leave and went to Redi-Med. They X-rayed my hand and found out my thumb was broke clean in half between the second and third joint. It was displaced about a centimeter so the doctor was going to have to numb it and manually push it in place. A he gave me a shot numbed my hand then had the nurse hold my wrist and he tried to jam my thumb back into place. He got my cast on and everthing and I went to get X-rays. The results weren't great but better. The bone was still slightly displaced so he took my cast off and tried again at this point the pain kiler was just starting to wear off. I could tolerate the pain it wasn't to bad while hold me thumb in place he started to put the cast on. I got it X-rayedd again and it looked almost perfect. So he finished putting my cast on and sent me one my way.


Keely said...

How long are you in a cast?

Anonymous said...

dude that sucks - hope it heals well